My First steps in the ONE Championship journey

Published on 9 June 2018 at 12:12

Last month i fought my first fight for my new employer.

I faced the Giant, Andre Meunier. A very experienced powerhouse out of Melbourne. In the opening seconds he threw a cross and i could roll along with it,. But i felt his power. I knew i had to play it smart, because when this guy connects, it's serious business. 

After about a minute i used my speed advantage, when he rushed in, i stepped aside and connected with my right hand, sending him down to the canvas. Andre got up where others would have stayed down, but i saw he was hurt so i went for the kill. After conecting with 2 more right hands, he crashed down again and this time he wasn't able to beat the count. 

I did it! I fought for ONE Championship and i showed them, audience and all the millions of viewers behind the TV who i am! 


At the 17:30 minute mark, you can see my fight.


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Michiel Postma
3 years ago

Looks nice sofar!